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Counter Strike: Source

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Counter Strike: Source

Counter-Strike: Source (CSS) is the first computer shooter who is strict for online gaming, there is no offline method. Although originally available as a free download for Half Life, it is now a full featured Steam product.

What is anti-strike: source?

Counter-Strike: The Sourceis a remake of the original Half Life mode built in the truck. Anecdotal, the original developer of Turtle Studio, is a team that later became known as the creators of Left 4 Dead.

Counter-Strike: The gameplay sources remain the same.This FPS shooter throws players liketerrorists, or SWAT, who have to fight each other while trying to meet a set of goals (such as bees against salvation). The main goal is to win circles more than the opposing team.

Warn: Play five minutes from Counter-Strike: Source and you may find that lifeof social life becomes something of the past. The extraordinary charm lies in the teamwork and strategy needed to win. This creates a quick (positive and negative) relationship with your team. You feel like fighting foryourself, whether it saves or destroysthe world. All have made a high strike against strike for competitive online games.

Transformation series was needed

One of the biggest landmarks of Counter-Strike: Fynhonnellyw are his maps. Most of them are remake of the original mode (such as de_nuke or cs_assault). But whether newor old, the challenge of any CSS card learns how to dominate it, finds all hidden hidden, curved and bugs to exploit to win victory. No, he does not deceive his game.

As mentioned earlier,CSS uses the Source Engine (as seen in Half-Life 2). The resultis a game visually powerful, extendable and scalable with the ability to add effects such as arfermapio, reflections, HDR, and even physics engine Havok physics.

Fortunately, CSS is currently too old, so even with this visual vision you do not need a powerful computer to enjoythe game.

Count Strike: The source is the first in the series that is unique to the steam valve platform. This is a quantum leap in online gaming, but many users are devotedto creating versions of the anti-strike free source. We would not recommend them toadhere to the official version.

Are you ready to understand its success?

Counter-Strike: The source is the best in the series and the best access point for new players. Do you want to understand why this series has so many followers? Do not look anymore, download it now.

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