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BS Player

BS Player Rehenzy torrent download


BS Player

This is the perfect video game such moments that you prefer to watch movies and TV shows on your computer, on the couch, while you’re doing.

All the features you need and the format

This media player movies or any other video on your computer, you should see one. MS Paint torrent download
it supportsall popular video formats (and audio, if you were wondering), and even his asnovnayYa can see, the interface is not very impressive, custom skin. In addition, if you are missing any video or audio encoding, you can download the installation.

Itsupports video subtitles,now playing screen film, video and other videos to create partitions, and supports plug-ins, which is similar to apps like UMPlayer.

nadeynyi easy to use

I especially liked to control the playback mode, baiteklatuko shortcuts or simply with a mouse clickon to stop the video, double-click to view full screen, mouse wheel to raise or lower. It is very convenient.

reliable and full features. If only cancellation, this program does not have any documentation, you need to open your bravzerzaexcept separation oftenasked questions. Not without the help of you that you can not use it, but it’s always nice to have some of the documents to remain stuck.

as a whole

You can enjoy your favorite movies on your PC, with many features: subtitles, screenshots,bookmarks, and more.

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