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Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader download free torrent


Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is a program for reading PDF files and a quick reading program. PDF (Document Portable Document) is one of the most commonly used document formats on the Internet. The problem is that Adobe Reader is slow and slow.

However, Foxit Reader is easy and fast. This supplementfor milk milk. Compare the Foxit Reader installation file with 12 MB with more than 320 MB of Acrobat and understand why it is open now. This key annoying screen Foxit Readermany, continuous credit sheets and they are plug-ins.

Foxit Reader Interface It is easy to use. scale, select text,still image, search device, rotation or full screen mode: you can display this toolbar or you need to hide your will and provide it with all available tools. There is a small ad in the right corner, but you can turn it off to goin the „View” menu and uncheck the „Ads” option.

Foxit Reader is an optional addition for adding PDF documents in many ways, Highlight text, highlight, delete or add personal comments.

If you need a small, faster, stable and functionalalternative to Adobe Reader, do not look any further: Foxit Reader is all that you need.

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